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The newest jeweler to the San Marcos community


By Kyle Dealing


SAN MARCOS, Texas – Laura Everett is the latest jeweler on the San Marcos square. She will be working with Daniel Upton, owner and tattoo artist of the newest tattoo parlor in town, One & Only Tattoo Company on 130 E. San Antonio St.


Everett has been crafting jewelry since she was in high school and has accumulated 25 years of experience for the art. When creating her jewelry, she uses several techniques such as macramé and cold connections to help develop certain styles for her pieces. When constructing her jewelry, cold connections are used to bond and attach metal without soldering materials together.


“I like to make things,” Everett said. “It is in me to create things.”


Part of Everett’s job is collecting material in order to develop her creative pieces. She revealed that she has a passion for collecting materials in order to make her pieces unique and stand out. By collecting her own materials, she is able to put them together in a way that is thoughtful and fun. Of the many types of jewelry she creates, most of the jewelry that she constructs involve sterling silver, copper and beads.


“I have been collecting things for years,” Everett said. “I get my materials from all over.”


As far as her macramé pieces go, she utilizes multiple materials to craft her creations.


“I use a lot of Irish linen and tiny 1 millimeter cord to macramé with,” said Everett.


If you would like to purchase or view any of Everett’s jewelry pieces, please visit the One & Only Tattoo Company in San Marcos on 130 E. San Antonio St. For further information about the One & Only Tattoo Company, please visit their Facebook page or call (512) 736-9979.


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