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Daniel Love is the founder of Dandyland Tattoo & Body Piercing in San Antonio, TX. He has been tattooing for over 26 years and has a wide range of styles and skills in tattooing. You won't find a friendlier and more dedicated tattoo artist to bring your visions to life.

He spent the first 10 years of his career honing his skills in San Antonio, TX and building "Dandyland Tattoo & Body Piercing" into an award winning studio. After making Dandyland a family business and leaving it in the capable hands of his brother, he set out to Austin, TX. With a thirst to grow in talent and experience, he took over the location of "Forbidden Fruit Tattoo &  Body Piercing" and opened "Golden Apple Studios" on famous 6th street in downtown Austin, TX. With 10 years on 6th street under his belt it was time to move on.

Now, after falling in love with San Marcos, TX he decided it was the perfect place for his next venture. This time he wanted to do something a little different. Venturing out from the classic "tattoo shop", he designed a beautiful tattoo studio with a gallery feel.

In the 26 years of owning studios, doing conventions, and traveling he has developed a love of many different styles of art and tattooing. You just need to come in with an idea and he will help to bring your idea to life in your skin. Some of his favorite styles of tattooing are portraits, realism, color blast, and mandala design.

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