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I moved back to TX in 2019 after beginning a tattoo career professionally around 10 years prior in Southeast Michigan. I enjoy tattooing in every style, especially black and gray realism. 

I've lived all over the country, growing up in 90s skateboard and later heavy music culture, watching the guys I looked up to getting tattooed with awe and fascination. I've recently started oil painting and my favorite medium as a kid was graphite and prismacolor pencil, finding a random face to draw in magazines, setting the stage for a natural disposition towards image replication. New school imagery was a common go to, having a deep appreciation for street art/graffiti and the stylistic overlap of the two. Later in my career I was exposed to fundamentals in American and Japanese traditional, I myself not having had a traditional apprenticeship, being mostly self taught, and found the challenge of accomplishing more in a tattoo with less gratifying.

I'm a firm believer in being able to take anything that walks through the door as I've grown the most as an artist challenging myself to try something new but am always willing to hand off a client to an artist more competent in a particular style unless I really want to do it.

I hope to tattoo until my hands, back, or eyes tell me I can't anymore.

Brad's Portfolio

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