130 E. San Antonio Street

San Marcos, TX 78666



AEdras Elaine is our Head Piercer and Shop Manager here at One and Only! She has been piercing for over 8 years, and did her apprenticeship in Stillwater, OK. In July 2018 she moved back to the San Marcos area where she grew up, and began working as a piercer here.Her favorite piercings to perform are Septums and anything involving multiples.  

AEdras is passionate about her career and being a mother, and has an eye for fine jewelry. Her hobbies include baking, cultivating plants with her green thumb, playing Magic The Gathering, and reading! She is a Wheel of Time super-fan, and will talk your ear off about it given the opportunity. She loves to make friends, and treats every person that walks through the door with a warm sense of hospitality and friendship.

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